Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Excel - Creating a Chart


What is a Chart?

A chart is a graphical representation of the worksheet data.
The chart is linked to the spreadsheet data therefore if the spreadsheet data changes the chart will update automatically.

Chart Terminology

Title – Identifies the overall data that is represented in the chart.Handles – Indicate that you can resize, move, copy, or delete.

Gridlines - Horizontal lines, one for each value on the ‘Y’ axis, males the data easier to read.

Legend – Identifies the various data series in the chart.

X-axis – The horizontal axis of a chart.

Y-axis – The vertical axis of a chart.

Data Marker – Represent the various data points in the chart.
In this example the Data Marker are bars, as the chart is a column chart.

Data Series – A range of data points in a chart, such as bars, columns or pie slices.

Creating the Chart

Highlight the data that you wish to plot.

Select the Column chart from theInsert tab.

In this example we have selected a 2- D column chart.

The chart has now been created and I displayed under the original worksheet data.
It is possible to move the chart around using the Handles located in each corner of the chart.

Moving the Chart to a new Sheet

When the default chart is created, the chart is placed on the same sheet as the data it is linked to. It is possible to move the chart to a new sheet.


From Chart Tools, select the Design tab → Move Chart icon.

Select an existing or new sheet that you wish to place the chart.

Locating Additional Chart features.

The additional chart tools are found on three tabs located on the Chart Tools toolbar.

Adding Additional Data to a Chart

Once the chart is created it is possible to add additional data to the existing chart. 

The Process:

Enter the new data to the Excel Spreadsheet. 

Select the chart you wish to update.

Click on the Design tab under chart tools, select the Select Data icon.

The Select Data Source dialog box is displayed. 

Click on the Add button

In the series name box, select the additional series name (heading).

In the series value box, select the value to be included in the chart.
Click on the OK button

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