Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Microsoft Excel Array Formulas

Array Formulas.

Entering an Array Formula.

Array formulas are formulas which return a set (an array) of values and are usually entered into a range of cells. Any Excel formula can be entered as an array; some functions require that they are entered as arrays in order to return meaningful results.

Some array formulas are entered into a single cell; this is where the cells that they are referencing need to be considered as an array rather than a range of values. For example, where each individual cell in a range needs to be evaluated independently.

formulas other than that they offer an element of protection to the formula without having to use worksheet protection. The following examples illustrate the use of array formulas, firstly showing functions which have to be entered as arrays and finally where an array has to be used in order to obtain the correct result. Most array functions tend to be specialised statistical calculations, the statistical methods are not discussed.

Frequency Distribution.

A frequency distribution calculates how often values occur within a range of values and returns a vertical array of numbers. The calculation is done using the FREQUENCY function:

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