Friday, 2 November 2018

Microsoft Excel - Using a-Range Name in a Formula

Using a Range Name in a Formula
Excel allows us to allocate a name to a cell or a range of cells on the Worksheet / Workbook.

A named cell is often easier to remember and understand the cell reference.

In the previous section we looked at Relative & Absolute, we used absolute to lock part of the formula to a single cell (C2) for the bonus amount. The formula for this

Some prefer not to use the ‘$’ sign, instead name the cell so the formula would display =B3*Discount.

The Process of Naming a cell:

Select Scope to determine if the Named cell is available to the whole Workbook or a specific Sheet.

Allows a description to be entered for the Named cell.

Click the Collapse button, to select cell or type in the cell reference as per example above.

Click OK to commit change or Cancel to disregard.

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