Saturday, 1 July 2017

Excel - How to Express Numbers as Roman Numerals

Excel's ROMAN function enables you to express numbers as Roman numerals.

Excel's ROMAN function
Just type "=r" into a cell and you will see a list of Excel functions pop up, then double-click ROMAN in the list to start your formula. If you like using the keyboard then type-in "=ro" and press the TAB key.

Enter the reference of the cell containing the number you want converted and you're done. Excel's ROMAN function converts positive numbers up to a maximum of 3999.

The optional Form argument gives you a choice of up to four degrees of simplification of the classic roman form. For example, the value of 2500 can not be simplified and is expressed as roman MMD. However, 2499 is MMCDXCIX in the classic form but MMID in the simplified form. 

Enter your formula as =ROMAN(E6,FALSE) for the simplified form or use a number from 1 to 3 for the less simplified forms, i.e. =ROMAN(E6,2) gives you MMXDIX.