Sunday, 2 July 2017

Microsoft OneNote 2016 – OneNote and Skype for Business

You usually need to take notes for a meeting, whether it’s to track attendees, remember what was discussed, or list action items.
OneNote 2016 and Skype for Business work together to let you take private notes, or add shared notes that you can co-edit with participants. You can also add notes to the meeting request if you use Outlook, or while you’re in the meeting room.
Note: You must have OneNote installed to add notes to a Skype for Business meeting. If OneNote isn't installed, you might get an error when you try to add notes to a meeting.

Add notes during a meeting in Skype for Business:
1. In the meeting window in Skype for Business, click the Present Content button.

2. Select one of the following:
a. Click Shared Notes to choose a note that participants can view and edit. The note you select appears on your desktop and participants receive a notification in the meeting to open the note. OR
b. Click My Notes to take private notes on your computer. The note you select appears on your desktop.


Manage Meeting Details in OneNote:
If you want to give your notes a more consistent appearance and provide a more complete record of your meetings, you can add meeting details from Outlook into your OneNote notes. Meeting details can include the date and location, agenda, topic, and attendees.

Note: You’ll need to have Outlook 2016 and OneNote 2016 installed on the same computer to add meeting details to your notes.
1. In OneNote, choose the Home tab > Meeting Details.

2. On the menu that appears, do one of the following:
a. To select a meeting that occurs today, choose its time and subject in the list.
b. To select a meeting that occurs on a different day, select Choose a Meeting from Another Day and then choose the calendar icon to select a specific date or click the Previous Day or Next Day buttons to display a past or future meeting. Choose the time and subject of the meeting you want, and then choose Insert Details.


Meeting details are added to OneNote as text. You can freely add to, change, or delete any part of the meeting details in OneNote without affecting the original meeting notice in your Outlook calendar. For example, you can delete the names of invited attendees who weren’t at the meeting so you have a record of who actually attended.

You can also add notes to a Skype for Business meeting request in Outlook:
Adding notes to the meeting request lets you have all the information you need before the meeting starts and gives your invitees the opportunity to view and edit them, which saves time during the meeting.

When setting up your Skype for Business meeting in Outlook:
1. Click Meeting Notes on the meeting request ribbon.
2. Select one of the following:
a. Share notes with the meeting lets you add shared notes to the meeting request. Your invitees can then click View Meeting Notes in the meeting request to open them in OneNote to view or edit.
b. Take notes on your own lets you add your private, personal notes to the meeting that aren’t visible to others.

Note: For information about setting up Skype for Business Meetings, see Set up a Skype for Business meeting in Outlook.

How do shared notes work?
·      Shared notes need to be in a location that other people can get to, like OneDrive or SharePoint, and people need to have permission to open and edit them.
·      A few things to consider:
·      You don’t have to share the entire notebook, only the page you want.
·      When you open the note picker, you can only see shared notebooks that were previously opened on your computer.
·      Selecting a section instead of a page lets you create a blank page in that section.
·      If you don’t have a notebook, click New Notebook, to create one.

·      You can also search for a page in the search box.