Thursday, 13 July 2017

Microsoft Skype for Business – Meeting Lobby

The lobby is a virtual place where attendees wait to be admitted to your meeting. With the Lobby feature, users decide who gets into the meeting directly, and who waits until the presenter lets them in.
Tip: Regardless of whether you use Outlook, if you’re a presenter in a meeting, you can change some options for that meeting - such as whether video is enabled and who is a presenter.
This can be done during the meeting by clicking the people icon, in the meeting window, and then using the options on the Participants and Actions tabs.

Admitting participants into a Skype for Business from the Lobby:
·      To join the Skype Meeting, click Join Skype Meeting, or click Join Online in your meeting reminder pop-op window.
·      Once you arrive in the lobby, the meeting organizer and other presenters are immediately notified that you're waiting, and they will see a yellow bar on the screen to let them know that there are participants that are waiting to be admitted.
·      Once participants start to arrive to your Skype Meeting, you have several options:
o   You can either wait for more participants to arrive.
o   You can admit just individual participants by clicking the Admit button next to their name. You can also deny any participants.
o   Or, you can admit all participants by clicking the Admit All button. You can also deny all participants.

Tip: If you do not see the Participants window (upper-left), click the Participants icon.

Note: You can also use the Participant Actions button, or the button in the lower right-hand corner (with the three dots) for More Options.