Friday, 14 July 2017

Microsoft Skype for Business – Skype Meeting Options in Outlook

If you have a meeting with people outside your company, or you¡¦re scheduling a large event, change the meeting options before sending the invites to better fit your meeting requirements.

One option for larger groups is the Lobby, a virtual place where attendees wait to be admitted to your meeting. With the Lobby feature, users decide who gets into the meeting directly, and who waits until the presenter lets them in.

The Skype for Business default options (when creating your meeting request) are appropriate for small and casual meetings with co-workers. But it’s a good idea to change the options if you are inviting more than 10 to 15 people, want to control meeting permissions, or have invitees from other companies.

This feature is recommended for large meetings, or meetings that will involve confidential or sensitive information.

Different Lobby options can be set for users who are connecting through a Skype for Business client and users who are dialling in.
TIP: Regardless of whether you use Outlook, if you¡¦re a presenter in a meeting, you can change some options for that meeting, such as whether video is enabled and who is a presenter, during the meeting by clicking the people icon, in the meeting window, and then using the options on the Participants and Actions tabs.

Here’s what you do:
If you use Outlook, you can change Skype Meeting Options by doing the following:
1. After clicking New Skype for Business Meeting in your Outlook Calendar, the ribbon will change to allow scheduling Skype meetings.
2. Click Meeting Options on the ribbon, and a pop-up box will appear.
3. Select the options you want to use for your Skype meeting.

4. You can click remember settings if you want to make these settings for all future meetings, or just click OK to change settings for this meeting.