Thursday, 13 July 2017

Microsoft Skype for Business – Web conferencing tools

Skype for Business provides multiparty web conferencing tools including a virtual Whiteboard tool with annotations, a Poll tool to capture quick feedback, and a Q & A tool to drive engagement by asking your attendees to submit questions.
Note: You can create content for these prior to your online session, and then use your presentable content as needed during your session.

Virtual Whiteboard:
A whiteboard is a blank canvas that can be used for collaboration, with text, ink, drawings, and images. Annotations made on whiteboards can be seen by all meeting participants.
The whiteboard feature enhances collaboration by enabling meeting participants to discuss ideas, brainstorm, take notes, and so on.

The polling feature enhances collaboration by enabling presenters to quickly determine participants’ preferences. During online meetings and conversations, presenters can use polling to gather anonymous responses from participants. All presenters can see the results and can either hide the results or show them to all attendees.

Q & A (Question and Answer) Manager:
Q&A Manager provides a structured environment for answering questions during a meeting. This feature is especially helpful in large meetings where a presenter can answer questions, while someone else is presenting meeting content.
·      Keep in mind that attendees can ask questions, but only presenters can answer.
·      If there are no other content presented, the content stage opens and displays the Q&A manager for all participants. If other content is active, the Q&A tab displays as a new tab next to the Presentation tab.
·      The Meeting IM is automatically turned off until you stop the Q&A Manager.

To start the web conferencing tools menu:
1. In the Conversation Window, click on the monitor icon.

2. Click More.

3. Choose Whiteboard, Poll or Q&A.

Note: More details on each tool is available from Skype for Business Help.