Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Skype for Business - Impromptu or Ad-Hoc Skype for Business meeting

Skype for Business lets you escalate simple instant messaging conversations or email conversations to PC-based, multiparty audio and video meetings with shared desktops, applications, and documents.

To escalate an instant message (IM) conversation to a video call, voice call or share your desktop/ application
Do one of the following:
·      Click the camera icon in the window to start a video call.
·      Click the handset icon in the window to start a voice call.
·      Click the monitor (Present) icon in the window to share the content on your desktop (or to use present programs to share an application/presentation instead of sharing your entire desktop contents).

To start a conference call:
Start a Skype for Business conference call to have a quick, impromptu meeting with your co-workers. Make sure your contacts are available by checking their presence status first. Then:
1. In your Contacts list, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard, and click the names of your contacts to select them.
2. Right-click the selection > Start a Conference Call > Skype Call.
Your contacts then receive a notification and can accept or decline your request for the conference call.

Tip: To make it a video call, either select Start a Video Call when starting the call or add video during the meeting by clicking the video icon in the meeting window.

To send a file:
Use the file transfer option to send files during a Skype for Business conversation:
Just drag the file from your computer, and drop it onto the conversation window.
o   Skype for Business notifies the recipients that a file is being sent, and they can accept or decline.
o   If the transfer is accepted, the file starts downloading on each recipient’s computer.

You can also send a file to contacts you’re not currently in conversation with:
1. In your Contacts list, use the Ctrl key to select the contacts you want to send the file to.
2. Drag the file onto the selection.

Skype for Business sends a notification to the recipient to accept or decline the file transfer.