Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Microsoft Excel - Working with Tables

Working with Tables.

What is a Table.

A table is a series of rows and columns with data you manage separately from other data within the worksheet.

Examples of Tables:

Client contact details, phone list, products list.

Information in a structured fashion, in older versions we knew this as a database or list.

Once the Table has been created there are various tools available to analyze the information.

Guidelines on setting up Table(s).

       Enter the headings (field names) in a single row, the first row in the list.
      Common practice is to also make the headings a different font or bold.

      Enter each record in a single row.

      Do not leave blank rows within the range of the table.
    The range is the start to the finish point of the Table (A1:G28).

      Do not use more than one worksheet for a single range.

Creating a Table.

1.     Open the file that contains the information.

Tip: Place your cursor with the data range, for example the first cell, this will save you selecting the range later.

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