Monday, 1 October 2018

Microsoft Project Calculations in Fields

Calculations in fields
If you wish to store data that is not already calculated, then a formula can be used on a customised field.
The cost field holds the total cost for a task, the fixed cost holds just the fixed cost but there is not a resource cost (in the task fields).
The resource cost can be calculated.
1.     Menu, Tools, Customize, Fields

2.     Select type of field required and then select the field

3.     Click on Rename button and enter name required

4.     Click on Formula

5.     Enter the formula, this can be typed in if you know the field names or by selecting from the Field list where you choose the category of fields.
If the formula is more complex then functions can be added again either by typing or by choosing from the button. (If formulae of this complexity need to be entered then it would be useful to know how functions work in Microsoft Excel.)

6.     On clicking OK after entering the formula a warning pops up letting you know that any data that has been entered will be lost if you accept the changes.
7.     Decide h07434822281ow the calculation is to be done on the summary row.

Is it a good idea to use the formula on the summary row in this example?

8.     Where the answer is required display the field as data

9.     Click on OK


To actually display the data, the field needs to be added to a table.

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