Friday, 5 October 2018

Microsoft Project - The Project Plan

Resourcing the Project Plan

Once the tasks have been setup, the project needs to be resourced as to who is doing which task when. (If you need this information).
To be able to use this facility within Microsoft Project.

      The resources need to set up,

      Costs need to be allocated to resources

      Resources need to be allocated to tasks

      Resource over allocation considered

Set up Resources

Resources need to set up on the Resource sheet. Change the view by Menu, View, Resource Sheet.
Here the resource information can be entered for how ever many resources required. The information that needs to be provided is

Enter the resource name
Will only pick up the first letter can be altered as required
Resource type
Select type of Resource it is, Work- works to a calendar, Material – quantities required can be specified. Cost – amounts can be specified eg hotel bills.
Material Label
If the resource type is Material then a label can be displayed
Max units
How many of the resource are there
Std rate:
the standard rate of pay can be proceeded by the appropriate pay period eg /d, /w, /y
Ovt rate:
the overtime rate of pay - will only come into effect is overtime is specified
Per Use:
The call out charge - will be charged for every occurrence of usage of this resource
Accrue at:
How the costs will be allocated when monitoring the project, choice of beginning, pro rated or end.
Base Calendar
Which of the base calendars is the resource working to
How do you wish to categorise resources by the tasks
How do you wish to categorise resources

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